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The Habitent is a life style product. It has been designed to increase the comfort of your leisure time on board your sailing vessel. The enclosure provides a quick and easy temporary shelter from light to moderate winds, rain and sun when your boat is moored.

The Habitent is not a boat cover

Recommendations for the Safe Use of the Habitent.

  • The Habitent is intended as a temporary shelter to be used when moored in moderate weather conditions.
  • The Habitent has 3 windows starboard, port and aft all can be rolled up and tied in place to enable access to the Habitent and allow air to pass through the Habitent for additional ventilation and they are also the exit points. Accessing and exiting the cockpit through any of these must be done with care.
  • Minimise tripping hazards by ensuring all excess webbing strap ends are rolled and secured
  • We would recommend that adults are always in attendance when children use access/ exit points and that buoyancy aids are used when exiting the Habitent.
  • Do not sail with the Habitent erected.
  • Ensure the Habitent is securely attached to your boat.
  • Do not use your Habitent in severe weather conditions.
  • Do not use a naked flame in or near the Habitent.
  • Do not Barbeque in or near the Habitent.
  • Do not use any toxic materials inside the unit.
  • Be aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide that may result from any form of combustion including, but not restricted to, engines and generators.

Before installing the Habitent for the first time.

Prior to installing the Habitent for the first time on your boat you need to adjust the width of the unit to fit the stern of your boat, measure your stern at either the stern coaming or extreme stern. Use the fixed webbing strap inside the unit to tension the poles to give the measurement required. ‘Reef’ in the surplus fabric on the stern panel using the brass eyelets at the base of the rear panel and secure with the loop and ball bungees to give a good fit. (Click on links for Stern Panel Adjustment Mistral, Mistral-NS or Sirocco for further information).

See links to the right or below for detailed installation instructions.

Create an extended Sun Canopy from your Habitent

Open the 2 side windows and secure the bottom edges over the boat guardrails using the loop and ball bungees.

Battery LED Lights

Provision has been made inside the unit for battery powered LED lights. Place the battery pack inside the Habitent in the pocket provided over the stern entry. Run the cable/rod through the loops provided in the centre of the roof. These loops are not intended to support more than LED lights.

Caring advice for your Habitent

The Habitent is a temporary shelter and should be cared for as follows:-

  • Rinse the unit with fresh water on a regular basis.
  • Dismantle and stow the unit when you are not present at your boat.
  • Remove any marks and dirt from the Habitex material as soon as possible using a soft cloth, non-destructive cleaners and specialist products such as awning fabric cleaner and fresh water.
  • Do not place the Habitent in a Washing Machine.
  • Always pack the poles separately to the main unit to avoid accidental damage to the fabric.

Hints and tips

We thought it would be useful to pass on to you hints and tips to help you successfully install your Habitent. We will draw from our own and customers experience to keep this list updated.

  • After installing the unit, we have always found that we get the best results by ensuring that the roof is taut before adjusting the rest of the unit.
  • The fit of the unit is enhanced by ensuring that the telescopic legs are the same length. Getting this right can be tricky and time consuming. We recommend that once the poles are correctly installed, one of the inner poles is marked with (electricians?) tape at the point it meets the outer pole. When taking the unit apart dismantle this pole as opposed to telescoping it closed. Next time you come to erect the tent, set the one pole into position using the mark and adjust the other to tension the fabric. It will right every time!
  • The webbing straps to the sides of the unit have two adjustments to tension the unit. One of the adjustments takes the tension off the zips allowing them to operate more easily. The other tensions the unit to the back leg.

How to erect the Habitent

How to erect the Habitent without a sprayhood

Customer Video - Erecting a Habitent on a Moody 34