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About Us

The Habitent came to life through a need to provide both an external shelter and extra living space on our boat. Living on board can be a dull experience if you are unable to utilise the deck area. Investigating the various options we discovered that the current ranges of canopies and enclosures are limited in their application by price, size, weight and unsuitable for easy storage and handling. The traditional canopies and shelters comprise mainly of permanent bespoke fixtures and have a high cost. These products haven’t changed in years.

We have worked in product and interior design for many years and felt up to the challenge of developing an alternative to suit the needs of today’s outdoor leisure market.

Following draft designs we made an initial prototype using – shower curtains and odds and ends found at the local caravan outlet! It was a huge success. It enabled us to sit out of the intense heat, the drizzling rain (even sudden downpours) and the sneaky winds. From the research we had carried out we realised that this was quite a unique product and worthy of some further development and investment in better materials!

Having conceived and proved the design and tested the original prototype, we decided to approach one of the UK’s leading tent and awning manufacturers and suppliers to assist us with the further development of the design.

Some time and several prototypes later the Habitent was born.

This collaboration has ensured that the Habitent range of products meets all the high standards that are now demanded by boat owners

The success of the original Habitent combined with the enthusiasm of our customers has resulted in the product range being extended to 3 distinct models, covering a wider range of boats.