Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
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  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
  Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure
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The ready made alternative to a traditional boat canopy.
Instructions... innovation bi design
Habitent Instructions... innovation bi design
The Habitent is a life style product. It has been designed to increase the comfort of your leisure time on board your sailing vessel. The enclosure provides a quick and easy shelter from light to moderate winds, rain and sun. Please read carefully the important Safe Use of the Habitent section at the end of this page.

Please click here to download a printable PDF version
Habitent Instructions... innovation bi design
Habitent Instructions
Instructions for Erection of the Habitent

Secure the boom and release the Halyard

Remove the Habitent from its protective storage bag.

Unroll and lay the Habitent over the spray hood or hull just behind the companionway (bow side). Ensure that all the zippers are closed.

Secure the fluorescent orange 25mm x 5000mm webbing straps across the beam of the boat utilising any 2 obvious fixing points on the deck such as grab handles, stanchions or toe rails. Tension the straps to create a loop between the 2 fixing points.

Loop the 4-x 19mm black webbing straps attached to the bow edge of the Habitent around the orange webbing strap. This forms a secure anchor for the bow end of theHabitent and the unit will be tensioned using these fixing points.

If you need to use the auxiliary pole, place this in the pocket at the bow end of the Habitent. Unclip the halyard and attach to the centre loop on the bow edge of the roof of the habitent

Unfurl the Habitent towards the stern.

Special Note - Couple the steel pole and place it in the stern roof pocket. Take the fibre glass pole and place into the open Velcro pole pocket before connecting to the steel roof pole. Close the Velcro pocket to secure the pole and tension the fabric. An additional fixing loop has been proved to the base of the pocket should you wish to secure the pole at this point to the pushpit, etc.

Place the feet of the pole outside of, or in some installations on the combing. Lean the pole/ rear entry to avoid the back stays. Use the 19mm x 2000mm black webbing/buckles to secure the Habitent to the top rail of the pushpit and tighten as required.


Use any of the 19mm x 2000mm black webbing and buckles to increase the secure fixing of the Habitent to stanchions / guard rails / shrouds / stays of your boat

See the videos at http://www.habitent.com/page.asp?id=video for visual explanations.
Habitent Instructions
Habitent M-NS Only - How to set the stern panel

The Habitent M-NS will arrive with the fabric of the rear panel set at 180cm. To adjust the habitent M-NS to suit the span of your boat, please follow the instructions below:

* At the base of the stern panel, release the ball and loop from the brass eyelets. NOTE HOW THE BALL AND LOOP IS FITTED

* Pleat the fabric (in a similar manner as you received your unit) to suit your required span and secure once again with the ball and loop.

* Connect the stern pole set (slide the support pole through the open Velcro pocket before making the connection with the roof pole). Close the Velcro pocket.

* Using the webbing strap to the bottom of the stern panel, adjust the poles to span the stern end of your cockpit.

* Ensure that the zips to the rear panel are not under undue tension as this may cause them to fail.
Habitent Instructions
Dismantle the Habitent

Reverse the above instructions. For information on folding the Habitent (opens in a new window) Click Here

Note: The Habitex material is water resistant, however if the unit is wet when dismantled we recommend that the unit is dried at the earliest opportunity.
Habitent Instructions
Create an extended Sun Canopy from your Habitent

The Habitent can provide a larger shelter from the sun by creating a gull wing effect. Simply open the 2 side windows and secure the bottom edge to the boat guardrails using the loop and ball accessory.
Habitent Instructions
Battery LED Lights

Place the battery pack inside the Habitent in the pocket provided over the stern entry. Run the cable through the velcro loops provided in the centre of the roof of the Habitent.
Caring advice for your Habitent
The following advice is given as a guideline to ensure the prolonged life of your Habitent. Providing the assembly and care instructions are followed carefully, Habitent should provide you with years of service.

Remove any marks and dirt from the Habitex material using a soft cloth, mild detergent and water.

Rinse frequently with fresh water to reduce the build up of air and water borne contaminants

Do not place the Habitent in a Washing Machine.

Always pack the poles separately to the main unit to avoid accidental damage to the material.

Safe Use of the Habitent

The Habitent is intended as a shelter to be used when moored in moderate weather conditions. The Habitent has 3 windows starboard, port and aft all can be rolled up and tied in place to enable access to the Habitent and allow air to pass through the Habitent for additional ventilation, and these are also the exit points.

Accessing and exiting the cockpit through any of these must be done with care. Minimise tripping hazards by ensuring that all excess webbing strap ends are rolled and secured. If moving about your boat is necessary and involves passing one of the webbing straps securing the Habitent we recommend that the strap buckle securing the Habitent is undone rather than stepping over the strap. Reconnect the webbing strap once you have gone past the connection point.

We would recommend that adults are always in attendance when children use access/ exit points and that buoyancy aids are used when exiting the Habitent when on a floating mooring.

Do not use a naked flame in or near the Habitent.
Do not Barbeque near the Habitent.
Do not sail with the Habitent erected.
Do not use your Habitent in severe weather conditions.
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Habitent - Adjustable Cockpit Enclosure