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Instructions for Habitent Mistral

Prior to installing the Habitent for the first time on your boat you need to adjust the width of the unit to fit the stern of your boat, measure your stern at either the stern coaming or extreme stern. Use the fixed webbing strap inside the unit to tension the poles to give the measurement required. ‘Reef’ in the surplus fabric on the stern panel using the brass eyelets at the base of the rear panel and secure with the loop and ball bungees to give a good fit.

Installation Instructions

  • Secure the boom off to the side of the boat; it is not normally used as part of the installation
  • Remove the Habitent from its protective storage bag
  • Unroll and lay the Habitent over the spray hood or hull just behind the companionway (bow side). Ensure that all the zippers are closed.
  • Take the BLACK 24mm x 5000mm webbing strap (with the reflective detail) and secure across the boat utilising any 2 obvious fixing points such as grab rails, stanchions, toe rails. Create a loop across the boat between the 2 fixing points.
  • Secure the 4 x 19mm black webbing straps attached to the bow edge of the Habitent through the BLACK ‘Habitent.com’ webbing loop. This forms a secure anchor for the Habitent and the unit will be tensioned using these fixing points.
  • Tension the lower side edge of the unit by securing the fixed webbing straps, located to the front of the unit at deck line, to the Jib blocks or the like.
  • If you wish to use the auxiliary pole, insert it in the roof pocket and secure with the hook and loops closer. Unclip the halyard and attach it to the centre loop of the roof pocket. Attach the 19mm x 5000mm GREY webbing straps to the outside loops of the roof pocket and take forward to the shrouds. This enables you to further tension the roof line.
  • Insert the metal roof poles into the roof pocket at the stern end of the unit. Attach the telescopic poles to the roof poles and insert into the pockets at the base of the unit. Lock and tension ensuring that the roof pole remains central to the unit
  • Unfurl the Habitent towards the stern.
  • Place the feet of the poles outside of the combing and within the push pit stanchions along the stern. Lean the pole/ rear entry to avoid the back stays if you have them. Use the 19mm black webbing/buckles to secure the Habitent to the top rail of the pushpit and tighten as required.

Do not over tighten

Use any of the additional 19mm webbing and buckles to increase the secure fixing of the Habitent to stanchions / guard rails or other suitable fixing point. A loop is available in the centre of the roof to adjust the pitch of the roof.

Complete the installation by tensioning all of the internal and external webbing straps to give a satisfactory fit.

Tensioning the black gusset webbing straps to the side of the unit will improve the fit and reduce excess bagging at the front of the unit.

To achieve the ‘best fit’ ensure the roof line is taut.

See the video at www.habitent.com for visual explanations

Dismantle the Habitent

Reverse the installation instructions. Note: The Ripstop material is water resistant; however if the unit is wet when dismantled we recommend that the unit is dried at the earliest opportunity. Instructions for folding the Habitent can be found on the Instruction page at www.habitent.com