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Instructions for Folding the Habitent

Habitent Folding 1

Using the centre roof tab to the front and rear and the ring to the centre of the unit as a guide, fold the unit in half along its length.

Habitent Folding 3

Fold the front (bow end) of the unit at the first break (A) in the bottom of the skirt making sure that the edge of the unit stays in line.

Habitent Folding 4

Fold the front (bow end) window back

Habitent Folding 6

Fold the back (stern) panel over at break B in the bottom of the skirt.

Habitent Folding 7

Fold in half to form a long rectangle that is slightly narrower than the bag.

Habitent Folding 8

Fold the grey over the side panel.

Habitent Folding 9

Starting at the bottom, roll up the unit being careful to exclude as much air as possible.

Doing this twice in quick succession works well.

Habitent Folding 10

Ta Dah!