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Do I need a spray hood to use the Habitent?

No, the Habitent will fit boats that do not have a Sprayhood.

Will the Habitent fit my boat?

To determine whether the Habitent will fit your boat, we require a couple of measurements, the stern to the bow end of the companion way, the width across the stern and where you have a sprayhood the measurement across the sprayhood at its widest point, deck to deck, tight into the cabin sides. We provide a measurement sheet to record this information. Return this to us and we will be happy to advise you. The Habitent measurements are given on the specification page.

Why isn't my boat included on your compatibility list?

We rely on boat owners to send in the cockpit measurements for their boat. These are then included in our compatibility list. If your boat is not there, please send us the measurements and we will update this list.

How will the Habitent attach to my boat?

There are no permanent fixings required to your boat. Webbing straps are used to secure the unit to the cabin roof and the pushpit. The shape of the Habitent, is defined by the spray hood or auxiliary support (supplied) and a frame to the rear of the unit.

Can I use the Habitent when the boat is underway?

No, the enclosure is designed to provide protection from the weather when the boat is moored or at anchor.

Is it a one person job to erect and dismantle the Habitent?

Yes, the use of webbing straps to secure the unit makes it a simple one person operation.

Is it one size fits all?

No, the current unit is designed to fit as many boats as possible. As every boat is different you need to check the measurements of your boat.

Can I leave the enclosure in place when I am not on my boat?

We would not recommend this for extended periods of time. The Habitent is made from durable materials and as such can be used in moderate weather conditions.

The Habitent is not a boat cover.

How long does is take to erect the enclosure?

The first time you erect the unit you will need to take time to familiarise yourself with the unit and attach and adjust the webbing straps. The next time you use the unit it should take approximately 15 minutes.

Is it possible to view a Habitent?

Sign up for our newsletter or watch our News page for details as to where we will be demonstrating the Habitent throughout the year.

Is the Habitent available in any other colour?

No. Extensive research was carried out to ensure the final colourway sat comfortably with most boat livery combinations. The final colourway ensure a bright, light interior regardless of weather conditions.

Is the fabric as good as canvas?

Each material has its own merits. The outdoor leisure industry now favours the Ripstop nylon over canvas, in particular the fabric is easy to clean and strong, whilst being lightweight.

The coaming wall has winches/ stanchions fixed on top of it. Will a Habitent fit?

Winches do not normally cause a problem as the Habitent can flex around them.
Stanchions fitted on top of the coaming will not normally accommodate a Habitent being erected.